How Mobile Innovation Is Fueling the Remote and Globalized Workforce


Mobile innovation has been a driver of digital transformation for organizations for the last few years. The ability to take our work anywhere and to ensure that processes continue to move regardless of our location has enabled faster digital transformation for many organizations – both with internal stakeholders and external customers.

But mobile innovation isn’t just about fueling digital transformation for the sake of digital transformation. The fruits of the labor lie in the benefits of mobile work – not just the idea of being able to work while on the move. It’s one thing to say that an organization has the ability to support mobile work from a technology perspective, but it’s quite another to put it into practice to reap the benefits with employees, financial resources, and business processes.

To make the leap to supporting remote and globalized work-forces with mobile innovation, there are a few areas of focus for organizations to consider:

Employee Retention

Organizations can use internal digital transformation and mobile innovation to spearhead employee retention efforts. Touting your organization’s ability to provide employees with a support system that allows them to be productive from wherever they work can be a benefit to any member of your team. Encouraging employees to maintain a work-life balance and allowing them to continue processes and work efforts even when not in the office can entice them to stay on rather than jump to another company who is more remote-friendly.

Not only can it improve employee retention but being able to employee remote workers can attract Millennial who are enticed by the idea of remote work. Bringing in new talent that you would have otherwise missed out on is an important part of the recruitment process for any organization – large or small. 

The idea of bringing together a distributed, remote workforce to solve your organization’s most pressing issues is something that appeals to employees and the result can improve the effectiveness of your organization and can drive innovation across other verticals within the business.

Organizational Value

Creating workplace communities that can thrive inside and outside of the office is a critical component of an effective organization. Most new employees coming into organizations out of college or even early in their career will be digital natives and the ability to work remotely is a key factor in their workplace satisfacti


Mobile innovation, such as e-signatures, collaboration tools, and document review can have a profound impact on employee effectiveness.  These solutions enable organizations to bring together global offices and remote workers with ease and allows processes to continue no matter the day, time, or location.

This type of open, remote collaboration has a top-down effect on organizations, allowing them to work efficiently while also attracting and retaining new employees and customers. It allows employees to do what they do best and to remove the corresponding work processes as a barrier to efficiency and creativity.

The Future of Work

For organizations, employees, and customers alike, the future of work is both remote and connected. Using mobile innovation to drive connectivity with remote workers will be a must for organizations who want to keep up with modern organizations who are embracing remote workers.

Developing a remote and globalized workforce can bring your organization into the future. Channeling the ideas of a distributed workforce and bringing them together and supporting them with efficient processes can improve an organization’s’ overall output, reduce the amount of paper and time needed to complete standard work processes, and can encourage employee creativity and product development.

Lisa Croft 

Group Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

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